You may have received an email from Salesforce or noticed a banner notification in your Salesforce org mentioning Enhanced Domains. This is a new feature that is required for all orgs, and will be enforced by the Spring ’23 release.

What is Enhanced Domains

Enhanced Domains is the latest version of My Domain, to meet the latest browser requirements and security standards. Where My Domain is your company-specific subdomain in your Salesforce org URLs, usually following a format like https://mycompany.my.salesforce.com, Enhanced Domains takes it a step further and changes domain suffixes for pages such as Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, Visualforce pages, and content files.


URL Type Enhanced Domain Format
Login MyDomainName.my.salesforce.com
Content Files MyDomainName.file.force.com
Experience Cloud sites MyDomainName.my.site.com
Experience Builder MyDomainName.builder.salesforce-experience.com
Salesforce Sites MyDomainName.my.salesforce-sites.com
Visualforce pages MyDomainName–PackageName.vf.force.com
Sandbox login MyDomainName–SandboxName.sandbox.my.salesforce.com
Experience Cloud sites in a sandbox org MyDomainName–SandboxName.sandbox.my.site.com

What the change means

When you enable enhanced domains, most of the URLs for your Salesforce org will update. It is recommended that this update is tested in a sandbox before deployment as it will impact public links, such as Experience Cloud sites.

What needs to be done

Determine what and who is affected by enabling Enhanced Domains. Consider this list of URL format changes, and test in a sandbox before deployment.

Implications to consider

Salesforce will enable Enhanced Domains by the Spring ’23 release, if you haven’t already deployed enhanced domains. Some issues that can arise if you don’t test and enable Enhanced Domains before the enforcement date are:


    • Users can experience errors when attempting to access Salesforce, including but not limited to Experience Cloud sites, Salesforce Sites, and Visualforce pages.
    • Some embedded content stored in Salesforce no longer appears.
    • Third-party applications can lose access to your data.
    • Single sign-on integrations with sandboxes can fail.
    • Single sign-on integrations with orgs using the *.cloudforce.com and *.database.com domain suffixes can fail.

Our support offer

We have put together an Enhanced Domain support package which includes:

  1. Review of your Salesforce org
  2. Risk mitigation plan
  3. Enable Enhanced Domains
  4. Post-deployment Support

Contact us today to discuss your Enhanced Domains support package.


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