Highlights from the Spring ’20 Release: Top 5 Sales Cloud Features + Top 5 Pardot Features

This year, spring will be arriving somewhat ahead of time for Salesforce Pardot users on 14 February 2020, as Salesforce introduces the cutting-edge...

What the Auto Enablement of Lightning Experience in Winter ’20 Means for Salesforce Classic Users

As Salesforce Classic nears the inevitable end of its shelf life, the Salesforce team is working to gradually migrate its client base to Lightning...

Using SMS and Voicemail in Your Marketing Automation Stack

The Marketing Automation StackA Marketing Automation Stack consists of marketing applications that enable organisations to effectively target...

Salesforce CRM Strategies Which Will Change Your Business

Although CRM has been proven to increase business revenue by an average of 41% per salesperson, it is estimated that 43% of companies that utilise CRM fail to use even half of their CRM systems effectively.We’ll be taking a look at the best Salesforce CRM strategies...

6 Advanced Tips on Managing Duplicates in Salesforce

Even when Salesforce users follow standard data cleanliness best practices outlined in the Salesforce guide here, duplicates are simply unavoidable in some circumstances. Every single Salesforce org has an issue with duplicates, to one degree or another, so you’re not...

Differences Between Lightning Sync vs Einstein Activity Capture

For email and calendar integration purposes, Salesforce Lightning Sync has been around for a few years now, and Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) is a recent addition to the integration lineup, which Salesforce Account Executives have been clamouring loudly for. Both...

Pardot Snippets Have #Landed

With the Salesforce Winter ’20 release, a new feature was made available to Pardot users—snippets. Snippets are a block of text, images, or links, which can quickly be pulled into an email that is related to the same campaign that you’re working on. Snippets serve to...

How to Check Your Salesforce Email Sender Reputation

From a bottom-line perspective, it doesn’t matter how great your products and services are, unless you’re working with a team of marketing professionals who can create a strong demand for them and help you sell them consistently across a diverse range of platforms....


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