Which Web Conferencing Platform Should You Choose If You Work Remotely?

Let’s suppose you've decided to become a freelancer and turn a beach in the Canary Islands into your personal office. Maybe you have a toddler, and...

Technology and Flexible Work Environments for Parents

The 21st-century workplace is vastly different from the old-fashioned office of a few decades ago. Gone are the days when people could only work...

Improving Work Life Quality With Collaboration Tools

In this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology is evolving at an exponential pace. Successfully delivering world-class results and...

What are the CRM Benefits for Business?

Running a business is a 24/7 job, and making sure that you stay on top of things 100% of the time is crucial to ensuring its success. Doing so requires having a system in place to help you manage your back end work and front end work at any given time. But doing this...

What is the Importance of CRM in Marketing?

Stay ahead of everyone else by automating your marketing process using a CRM system. Here we have the 411 on this much talked about business tool. Find out what it can do for your team, how it can promote better customer service, and improve overall business...

What Can a CRM Do For My Business? Here Are 3 Things

Whenever the talk about keeping a business database comes up, most people would imagine storing and sorting information using a network of computers, connected to a giant local server. This method, however, became increasingly expensive and more challenging to...

Salesforce and your Website – getting it right first time

Twice this week we have met prospective clients who are struggling to integrate their website with Salesforce. On both occasions the client has gone ahead building their website without considering their back end operational systems at the same time. On the surface...

Salesforce Licensing

Salesforce licensing is complex and getting it wrong is costly.    Getting it right means you can save $1000s Resonant Cloud, a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, helps customers negotiate the Salesforce licensing process and we have put together a brief guide to...

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